Contractor Management System Overview

David Jones is committed to putting Safety, Health and Wellbeing at the centre of what we do and has implemented a Contractor  Management System across all business units within the company. The Contractor Management System adopts a risk based approach to categorise and manage contractors based on the work they perform on our sites. This website presents more detailed information about what the Contractor Management System is and who has to use it.

All contractors who perform or are going to perform work on a David Jones site are required to register on the David Jones Contractor Management System prior to commencing work.

The Contractor Management System requires all contractors to register and provide various business details. As part of this process, important supporting documents must be uploaded. These typically include, insurances (Workers Comp/Public Liability) and trade licences.

Contractors may also be required to submit further information on their Safety Management Systems for review (also known as a SMS Review). This is determined by the type of work that the contractor will be performing on site.

Once pre-qualified, all contractors must enrol their employees that perform work on David Jones sites into an online safety induction and assessment.

The Contractor Management System is managed on behalf of David Jones by Pegasus and powered by their contractor management software Onsite Track Easy.

This process does not apply to employees of David Jones.


Pegasus creates services and solutions for contractor engagement and workforce management.Pegasus_Logo_FINAL

We work with companies of all sizes and across all industries to ensure their contractor and supplier workforce is safe and qualified to be on site.

Our complete contractor management solution is called Onsite Track Easy. A real-time online contractor management solution, Onsite:

  • provides immediate access to data on contractors
  • manages all training and inductions
  • administers contractor and supplier compliance and pre-qualification documents
  • manages the qualifications and competency, including licences and medicals, of all workers involved in a project
  • awards accreditation upon successful completion of inductions and assessments
  • provides tools for audit, investigation and inspection of contractors
  • offers online and call centre support
  • manages contractor performance over term of their contract